A Psychologist Can Help Make Your Relationships More Intimate and More Satisfying

Calgary psychologist Can Make Your Relationships More Intimate and More Satisfying

The greatest joy in life is to be in a relationship, as that means we are being intimate with another person who truly understands us, and we feel complete. But sometimes, relationships can take a stark turn and we may face problems, which is why you may need the help of a therapist in Calgary.

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In a relationship, there are bound to be little problems, and sometimes, you know it is just not the right person and so you break up.… Read more

Types of Psychological Tests

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A Psychological Test is a type of psychometric assessment that measures certain behaviors and abilities. These assessments are usually based on scientifically tested theories and can be done in a variety of formats. They may include computer-based or pencil-and-paper tasks, such as puzzles or drawing. Some are designed to measure an individual’s IQ, while others are more generalized. Whatever the case, you should always consider seeking professional help if you’re experiencing troubling behaviors.

There are many types of psychological tests, including personality tests, intelligence scales, and personality assessments.… Read more

Basic Skills That a Psychiatrist Must Have

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A Psychiatrist is a health professional who is trained to diagnose and treat mental illnesses. They are typically intellectual, introspective and analytical. Some are artistic, intuitive or both. They may practice in private medical offices or in correctional facilities. A Psychiatrist may also consult with psychologists. These professionals may also specialize in specific fields. Listed below are the basic skills that a Psychiatrist must have.

To become a psychiatrist, a person must complete a bachelor’s degree and four years of medical school.… Read more

What Is a Psychologist?

rsMSp10 - What Is a Psychologist?

A Psychologist is a medical professional specializing in the study of human behavior. Many types of therapy are used by psychologists to help their patients cope with life’s challenges. Examples of these therapies are Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Psycho-dynamic Therapy, Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT), Gestalt Therapy, and Humanistic Psychology. Psychometric tests are also commonly administered by psychologists to determine a patient’s mental state and personal attributes.

A career as a psychologist requires formal education. A doctorate in clinical psychology is earned from a college or university that offers graduate study.… Read more

MMPI Tests

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MMPI Tests are psychological tests that determine a candidate’s personality and suitability for certain jobs. The MMPI is a highly specialized tool and can only be administered by a trained psychologist. Therefore, you must seek professional help to take the test. Unlike other tests, the MMPI does not have a pass/fail format. Thus, there is no possibility of cheating. Hence, high scores on this test mean that the candidate is likely to be a psychopath.

It is imperative to be honest on an MMPI test.… Read more

The Importance of Psychological Assessment

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The term psychological assessment is often associated with mental illness, but it also refers to a variety of other conditions. A psychologist may perform psychological testing in order to determine a patient’s cognitive abilities and diagnose certain mental disorders. Depending on the condition, psychological tests can also be used to determine an individual’s intelligence level, learning abilities, and other characteristics. For example, a psychologist may administer the Stanford-Binet intelligence scale to evaluate a person’s intelligence.

The aim of psychological assessment is to identify comorbidity between two or more conditions in a person.… Read more

A Career in Counseling

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A career in Counseling involves listening to clients’ problems and analyzing the issues to develop a plan of action. Counselors must have strong communication skills to be successful, as they will need to build a rapport with their clients so they can talk freely. There are several types of Counseling, from individual to group counseling. Listed below are some of the most common. If you’d like to explore these careers, read on! Here are some benefits of working in this field:

When students are young, their experiences are not as diverse as those of adults.… Read more

Low Self Esteem – What Are the Symptoms of Low Self Esteem?

While the reasons for Low Self Esteem vary from person to person, there are a number of common factors that can lead to a lack of confidence. The symptoms of low self esteem can be sudden and severe, and you may find that it is difficult to recognize them or make changes. If you have low self esteem, you have probably experienced some of the following experiences, or a combination of both. These factors can be the cause of your low self esteem.… Read more

Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Right For You?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a psychosocial intervention that is used to treat anxiety disorders and mental health conditions. This therapy helps patients change their thought processes to improve their overall mood and reduce their symptoms. However, this form of treatment is not always right for everyone. If you’re wondering if this therapy is right for you, read on to learn more about it. Below are some common benefits of this treatment. You can use it to help manage your own mental health problems.… Read more


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When it comes to psychotherapy, there are many different types. The most common types are cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), psychoanalytic therapy (CBT), and existential therapy. Each type has its own set of goals, and they each address different issues that affect individuals differently. While many of these approaches are similar, each also draws on different perspectives and approaches. Regardless of the type of therapy you choose, it is important to consider the responsibilities and limitations of your therapist.… Read more

What Is Counselling?

Counselling is a process that helps people deal with their emotions and problem solving skills. It is a safe place for people to share their deepest thoughts and feelings. The goal of the process is to provide meaningful information about the issues that are troubling them. This empowers the client to take responsibility for his or her own life and work through the problem. A counselor will guide the client toward resolving their problem. The counselor will also encourage the client to express himself or herself freely.… Read more