A Psychologist Can Help Make Your Relationships More Intimate and More Satisfying

Calgary psychologist Can Make Your Relationships More Intimate and More Satisfying

The greatest joy in life is to be in a relationship, as that means we are being intimate with another person who truly understands us, and we feel complete. But sometimes, relationships can take a stark turn and we may face problems, which is why you may need the help of a therapist in Calgary.

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In a relationship, there are bound to be little problems, and sometimes, you know it is just not the right person and so you break up.… Read more

Types of Eating Disorders

NO8VFX7 - Types of Eating Disorders

Several types of eating disorders are characterized by binge eating. Binge eating is the most common type of disorder, and a person with this condition often fails to meet the minimum recommended daily allowance of nutrients. Binge eaters may avoid certain foods because they fear the sensory qualities or the consequences of eating them. As a result, binge eaters can experience significant weight loss, or even fail to gain weight. Some binge eaters have deficiencies in several nutrients, including iron, calcium, and vitamin D.… Read more

How to Choose the Best Therapist

LkPbrTZ - How to Choose the Best Therapist

What is Therapy? In short, Therapy is a form of medical treatment that is used to fix a health problem. A therapist will usually prescribe therapy once a medical diagnosis has been made. Therapy involves physical, psychological, and even spiritual measures to solve problems. Here are some benefits of therapy. Read on to learn more about each. Listed below are the most common types of therapy. How Do You Choose the Best One? What Does a Therapist Do?… Read more

How to Choose a Therapist

If you’re considering therapy for yourself or a loved one, a therapist may be a good option. This trained professional can assist with many different mental and physical issues. Read on to learn how to choose a therapist for your needs. If you’re considering therapy, make sure to look for the following qualities in a therapist:

Compatibility: During the first session, you and your therapist will likely discuss your current problems and goals, as well as your general well-being.… Read more

The Importance of Psychiatry

XEiwtLQ - The Importance of Psychiatry

After earning a medical degree, psychiatrists begin training for a residency program. This four-year program is composed of rotations in neurology, inpatient care, and emergency room coverage. During the last year of residency, residents focus on outpatient care. Throughout their training, they attend lectures on a variety of topics and develop their professional expertise. This postgraduate education prepares psychiatrists for their work in the community.

In ancient times, man believed that mental health issues were caused by supernatural forces, but Romans attributed them to physiological concerns.… Read more

Why Depression Counselling Is Important

I8MPDkf - Why Depression Counselling Is Important

Depressive disorders can affect many people and often have a profound effect on their lives. For those suffering from depression, counselling can be an invaluable aid in recovering from this illness. Counselling can help identify problem areas that may contribute to a person’s depression, and helps them to identify and transform negative thinking patterns. Here are some reasons why you should consider seeking help from a depression counselor. These include: a) The potential for lasting change – counseling can help you to overcome depression and lead a more normal, happier life.… Read more

Choosing a Psychotherapist

mkjBuB0 - Choosing a Psychotherapist

If you are having trouble coping with your life, you may want to consult a Psychotherapist. Most therapists have completed at least six years of training, and many have many years of experience. A psychotherapist’s goal is to empower you so you can cope better in your daily life. They will not tell you how to live your life; they will help you learn how to cope with your problems, and how to prevent relapse.

There are several types of psychotherapy, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks.… Read more

The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory Test

AF8KpF5 - The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory Test

The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory Test is a standardized psychometric test used to measure adult personality and psychopathology. This test has been used to determine the degree to which a person has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. This test has been used to assess personality disorders, depression, anxiety, and a host of other symptoms. If you are thinking of taking this test, here are some tips.

The MMPI is more commonly used than its predecessor, the MMPI-2.… Read more

What Is Psychology?

Kl3ZOHM - What Is Psychology?

Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior and mind. It covers conscious and unconscious phenomena. Its scope is vast and crosses over into many other disciplines, including biology and physiology. Read on to learn more about this fascinating subject. You might even find yourself interested in it after reading this article! It will make sense when you know more about this fascinating subject! But, what is it? What are its main fields of study? And what are the benefits of studying it?… Read more

Causes of Anxiety and How to Overcome Them

rymSu1r - Causes of Anxiety and How to Overcome Them

Symptoms of anxiety are often triggered by traumatic or stressful events in your life. Sometimes the symptoms of anxiety can mimic those of other medical conditions, so a medical evaluation will be necessary to rule out any physical illness. Other causes of anxiety can be learned behaviors or life situations. Here are some factors to keep in mind. A medical evaluation is always important for the proper diagnosis of anxiety disorder. This article will discuss some of the common causes of anxiety and ways to overcome them.… Read more

Types of Personality Assessments

e4W4KgA - Types of Personality Assessments

In the 1930s, the Office of Strategic Services commissioned the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) to determine which personality traits would be vulnerable to enemy intelligence. American psychologists Henry Murray and Christiana D. Morgan devised this test to explore the underlying dynamics of personality, examining the individual’s needs for power, achievement, and intimacy, as well as problem-solving ability. Now known as the Myers-Briggs test, the TAT is widely used for assessing personality traits.

In the past, the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) has been used to measure risk for alcohol abuse.… Read more