What Exactly is psychiatry?

The word psychiatry covers a wide variety of disciplines dealing with the mind and its disorders. There are two main types of psychiatric service: psychotherapy and medication. Psychotherapy is the general term used for all the methods of treatment used by psychiatrists. These include different behavioural adaptations related to emotion, cognition, behavior, mood, perception, and thoughts. See full glossary of psychiatry for complete information.

Psychotherapists are doctors who treat psychological problems. They can prescribe medications or provide counselling.… Read more

What Is Psychology?

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What Is Psychology?

Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior and brain. Psychology includes all the studies of unconscious and conscious behaviors, thoughts and feelings. It is an ever growing academic field of tremendous scope.

There are various areas of specialization in psychology. There may be a conflict between science and psychology as some areas of psychology are subjective and have no objective basis. For example, many psychologists may work on cognitive behavioral therapy for individuals with anxiety disorders.… Read more

A Psychologist Can Help Make Your Relationships More Intimate and More Satisfying

Calgary psychologist Can Make Your Relationships More Intimate and More Satisfying

The greatest joy in life is to be in a relationship, as that means we are being intimate with another person who truly understands us, and we feel complete. But sometimes, relationships can take a stark turn and we may face problems, which is why you may need the help of a therapist in Calgary.

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In a relationship, there are bound to be little problems, and sometimes, you know it is just not the right person and so you break up.… Read more