A Psychologist Can Help Make Your Relationships More Intimate and More Satisfying

Calgary psychologist Can Make Your Relationships More Intimate and More Satisfying

The greatest joy in life is to be in a relationship, as that means we are being intimate with another person who truly understands us, and we feel complete. But sometimes, relationships can take a stark turn and we may face problems, which is why you may need the help of a therapist in Calgary.

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In a relationship, there are bound to be little problems, and sometimes, you know it is just not the right person and so you break up.… Read more

Understanding the Role of Psychologists and Physiatrists in the Treatment of Mental Health Conditions

Psychologists and psychiatrists work in a variety of different settings. Each setting is unique in that the patients’ problems are diagnosed based on their cognitive behaviour, personal values and motivations, as well as on the person’s unique situation. In some instances, these two professions may overlap. In other instances, they may be separate professions. Psychologists may work in any of the following settings: public services such as schools and hospitals. They are often only called upon when a patient needs expert clinical help.… Read more

The Role Of A Psychiatrist-Psychologist Relationship

Psychologists are specially trained mental health professionals who specialize in the study of mental illnesses. They earn their doctorates in either the human or social sciences, and are widely regarded as the most qualified doctors in the field. Because psychiatrists hold both a graduate degree in psychiatry and a doctorate in psychology, they’re among the only professionals in the mental healthcare field able to prescription medications to cure mental health conditions. In fact, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) which classifies mental illnesses into separate types, explicitly states that a psychiatrist may be either a psychologist or a psychiatrist.… Read more

Psychological Assessment for Mental Health Nurses

A Calgary psychologist performs psychological assessments in order to find out the causes of a particular disorder or to learn how the patient reacts to certain situations. Psychological assessments are also done in order to determine the severity of an individual’s particular disorder. In a clinical setting, psychologists and counselors ask questions to find out what the patient’s mental health problems are and how they affect their lives. In psychological assessments, psychologists speak of a patient s psychological profile as their personal test results.… Read more

An Overview of Anxiety Disorder Treatments

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An Overview of Anxiety Disorder Treatments

There are many different types of anxiety, but anxiety is largely divided into two main categories. The first category is depression and the second is anxiety associated with phobias or other disorders. While anxiety is very common, particularly among women, it can be debilitating when it interferes with day-to-day activities.

For many patients, psychotherapy and medication are effective in controlling anxiety disorders. A patient suffering from anxiety should see a psychiatrist who specializes in anxiety disorders for professional advice and treatment.… Read more

The Role of a Psychologist in the Fight Against Crime

Psychology is the study of human behavior and mind. Psychology includes both cognitive and emotional aspects, and the study of thought and emotions. It’s an incredibly vast field of academic scope, spanning the boundaries between science and the humanities, natural and medical sciences, and social and cultural practices. There are many areas of focus within psychology.

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Clinical psychology deals with the understanding and treatment of clinical disorders. These could include mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and post-traumatic stress disorder.… Read more

What Is A Psychotherapist?

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What Is A Psychotherapist?

Psychotherapist is a person who is trained in mental health practice and in psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is the application of mental techniques, especially when based on normal interpersonal contact, to assist a person to change behaviour, increase satisfaction, and overcome difficulties. In a clinical setting, a psychotherapist helps a patient with disorders like anxiety and depression and with problems such as eating disorders. He or she uses different forms of behavioral, cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, psychomotor, psychodynamic, spiritual, or psychoanalytical therapy to help the patients.… Read more

Understanding Psychotherapy And The Importance Of It For Your Mental Health

During psychotherapy, you will learn about your innermost feelings, emotions, thoughts and behaviours. Psychotherapy aids you to understand how to manage difficult situations and take charge of your own life. There are several forms of psychotherapy, each requiring its own unique approach. But the common thread running through all psychotherapy is that it aims to help you discover how to deal with your problems in a constructive way and in an effective manner.

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In this article we will look at some common characteristics of psychotherapy as it applies to issues of human behavior.… Read more

Benefits of Psychotherapy for Binge Eating Disorders

VIrJRa9 - Benefits of Psychotherapy for Binge Eating Disorders

Benefits of Psychotherapy for Binge Eating Disorders

The psychotherapist’s role in psychotherapy is to: Provide a solution to the patient’s problem. Engage in open dialogue about it. Help you understand what you are going through. Counseling and education. All of which will help you deal with your illness.

In the field of psychotherapy, the psychotherapist and psychologist interact in two different but interconnected ways. They use talking (both verbal and non-verbal communication) and sometimes, even speech recognition technology.… Read more

Diagnosing Schizophrenia

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Diagnosing Schizophrenia

When people think of psychiatrists in calgary, they often think of doctors who diagnose and treat mental disorders. This is not completely true. Although most psychiatrists work in hospitals, a growing number of psychiatrists are working with individuals in their homes. Many psychiatrists and psychologists are trained for clinical or laboratory tests, but very seldom are they trained in how to conduct the structured interview that is now necessary for research.

The diagnostic criteria used by psychiatrists are based on their training, rather than on findings from empirical research.… Read more

Becoming a Psychotherapist

A registered calgary psychotherapist can help you in many ways. As the name suggests, psychotherapists specialize in the area of psychotherapy and counselling. Their role is to help you deal with and overcome your issues. A psychologist, on the other hand, is a doctor who specializes in mental health, particularly the disorders of the mind and emotions. Psychologists may work in hospitals or private clinics.

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Psychotherapists may work with both you and your family doctor to create an integrated therapeutic relationship.… Read more