Types of Psychotherapy

There are different forms of psychotherapy; however, all psychotherapy and counselling stem from the same core philosophy. Psychotherapy typically involves talking with a therapist or counsellor to discuss personal issues and difficulties. Counseling on the other hand, usually involves a specific situation or problem in which the psychotherapist helps the client discover how they can deal with it and their problems in a more effective manner.

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In general, counselling is usually recommended for certain situations and problems, like depression or addiction, and usually takes place over several weeks to a few months.… Read more

Psychotherapist – How Do They Help People?

A psychotherapist is an licensed healthcare practitioner who specializes in the psychological health needs of individuals of all ages. Psychotherapists utilize cognitive behavioral therapy, or psychotherapy, to assist people resolve emotional issues, enhance their interpersonal relationships, and improve their psychological well-being. There are many types of psychotherapists available in the United States. Some specialize in cognitive behavioral therapy while others perform a mix of these services.

A psychotherapist will typically offer a variety of psychological assessments for their clients.… Read more

Understanding the Role of Psychologists and Physiatrists in the Treatment of Mental Health Conditions

Psychologists and psychiatrists work in a variety of different settings. Each setting is unique in that the patients’ problems are diagnosed based on their cognitive behavior, personal values and motivations, as well as on the person’s unique situation. In some instances, these two professions may overlap. In other instances, they may be separate professions. Psychologists may work in any of the following settings: public services such as schools and hospitals. They are often only called upon when a patient needs expert clinical help.… Read more

The Role Of A Psychiatrist-Psychologist Relationship

A Psychiatrist-Psychologist Relationship are specially trained mental health professionals who specialize in the study of mental illnesses. They earn their doctorates in either the human or social sciences, and are widely regarded as the most qualified doctors in the field. Because psychiatrists hold both a graduate degree in psychiatry and a doctorate in psychology, they’re among the only professionals in the mental healthcare field able to prescription medications to cure mental health conditions. In fact, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) which classifies mental illnesses into separate types, explicitly states that a psychiatrist may be either a psychologist or a psychiatrist.… Read more