How to Evaluate the Reliability and Validity of Psychological Assessments

When selecting psychological tests, consider the purpose and method of the evaluation. Are these assessments valid? How are they standardized? How do they assess the psychological state of the client? The purpose of a psychological assessment should be clear to all parties. In order to be accurate, a test must be free from bias and unbiased. Also, it should be based on a rigorous research process. Here are some tips for evaluating the reliability and validity of a psychological test.… Read more

Eating Disorders – What You Need to Know

nRCLH9V - Eating Disorders - What You Need to Know

Eating Disorders – What You Need to Know

When you are struggling with an eating disorder, you need to seek help immediately. The first step is to determine what the exact problem is. Most eating disorders are caused by a lack of control over a person’s body. The most common form is anorexia nervosa, and it generally affects young adults. People with anorexia necomastia are usually overweight or obese and often restrict their calories or their food intake.… Read more

The Insider Secret on Psychopathology Assessment Discovered

There are many parts to a Psychopathology assessment. The assessment could include interviews, observation, testing and consultation with different professionals involved in your kid’s care. A kind of behavioral assessment called baseline observations is becoming ever more popular. Cognitive assessment can be carried out in a number of ways. The assessment of ideas and ideas is a comparatively new improvement. Content analysis was used, by way of example, to changes in attitude as they occur within an individual with the passage of time.… Read more