The Importance of Psychological Assessment

o3uQ57P - The Importance of Psychological Assessment

The term psychological assessment is often associated with mental illness, but it also refers to a variety of other conditions. A psychologist may perform psychological testing in order to determine a patient’s cognitive abilities and diagnose certain mental disorders. Depending on the condition, psychological tests can also be used to determine an individual’s intelligence level, learning abilities, and other characteristics. For example, a psychologist may administer the Stanford-Binet intelligence scale to evaluate a person’s intelligence.

The aim of psychological assessment is to identify comorbidity between two or more conditions in a person.… Read more

Whatever They Told You About Panic Attacks Is Dead Wrong…And Here’s Why

Individuals who have endured attacks might refuse to drive or get back into a vehicle. Please be aware that medication isn’t always needed when it regards panic attacks. Anxiety attacks don’t have any redeeming capabilities. They can make you forget to breathe right, and thus, you start to get light headed and it does not help matters any. Panic or anxiety attacks can impact the caliber of your life. Panic attacks while sleeping are often due to stress that we’ve experienced during the day.… Read more